The recommended way to install COMPAS is with conda. The following commands have to issued on the command line.


On Windows, use the Anaconda Prompt and NOT the Command Prompt. On OSX, just use the Terminal app.

Add conda-forge to the list of channels where conda looks for packages.

conda config --add channels conda-forge

Install COMPAS in the current environment.

conda install COMPAS

Install a specific version of COMPAS.

conda install COMPAS=0.7.0

Install COMPAS in a separate environment.

conda create -n compas-dev COMPAS

Install COMPAS in a separate environment with a specific version of Python.

conda create -n compas-dev python=3.7 COMPAS


If you install COMPAS in a separate environment (recommended), don’t forget to activate the environment when you want to use the installed functionality.

conda activate compas-dev